Sunday, July 20, 2014

EFR review

   After working with our five open water divers in the pool, I sat in on Chris's EFR certification renewal. I took the class last October, and a serious subject like this means you can't review too often. But the cheesy 2008 course video also instructed us to have fun, so have fun we did!
   Mwah! Anne survived the automatic defibrillator (and a kiss from an enthusiastic Chris):
   OH NO! Melia looks hurt!!! (Extra ketchup packets from HiBoy might have exploded on her.) Better save her (with oversight from Instructor Jackie):
   UH-OH! That's a lotta ketchup. Better get more TP:
   Did you know TP doubles as a pillow?
   Looks like we have a survivor, despite Chris's efforts. Yay, Melia!