Sunday, July 20, 2014

I shall call him #8

   Kizzy caught another mousie tonight--brought it to me alive! This was the eighth mouse that the animals have caught since Dad was here and we removed those bushes from the backyard. I really think we may have unwittingly disturbed some ginormous underground hive of super mice, as it has been such a steady stream of them. Only two have survived my animals also far. The first few were babies. This dude was by far the largest… Which makes me worry… They keep getting BIGGER!!!
   I had been on the phone tonight, when I heard a loud noise and saw Aki lunging at the basement door. Had I not had prior experience, I may have thought she was tormenting Kismet, and preventing her from coming upstairs. But Aki knows better than to torment Kismet. I called it before I ever opened the basement door: and much to my (zero surprise whatsoever), when I open the door, Kismet was on the top step and had just released the mouse, who was running frantically from side to side, wondering how he was going to get away.
   I bet he didn't guess the answer: I swooped in a split second before Aki did, grabbed him by the tail, and headed upstairs. This mouse was so large that he easily doubled back on himself and his nose was almost at my finger in a blink. I'm not afraid of mice, but I don't want to get bitten. So I had to shake him down repeatedly to prevent him from having a shot at me, until I was able to safely drop him in a trashcan. I took him outside and released him away from the house.
   While I think he is undeniably adorable, living in my home… Yeah, not so much. Can't do it. I know they are filthy creatures. So I let him live and released him back into the wild, at a safe distance from my own home, and wish them the best. But I sure hope he doesn't return to see me again! He was lucky to escape once.