Friday, July 11, 2014

Random Hallmark Moments: my pets

   Months and months ago, a coworker asked me if they could use a couple of photos of my pets that they saw on Facebook for humor cards. Of course I said yes, as I've come to appreciate a chance to memorialize them, and share their cuteness with others.
   Flash forward to today, when I was walking through our shop at work and glanced over at the new Shoebox display. There, at eye level, staring right at me were my two beloved pets, black-and-white kitty Gypsy (who preceded Kismet) and my buddy Taylor. And I started tearing up right then and there, to see the two of them together again. While the pain of losing Gypsy two years ago has faded, I will always miss her.
   Pretty cool to see these photos that I took myself appear on cards so I can treasure them forever.