Saturday, August 16, 2014

Farmer's market morning

   This morning was perfect for a jog down to our local farmer's market: Summer's heat is beginning to return, but this morning was overcast and cool, so I wanted to enjoy the last of the moderate weather. The Shibas and I headed out on foot shortly before Kelly, who drove over to meet us. And it's lucky that he did: this was one of the best harvests that I have ever seen, and I bought way too many goodies!
   This has been a record year for crops like tomatoes, corn, and soybeans. And the flowers were vibrant and abundant as well: stunning color everywhere you looked. It was very crowded, yet everyone is always so friendly and welcoming. The market on a Saturday morning is one of my favorite places to be!
   The dogs aren't allowed inside the market area, so they wait patiently with their leash around a bench just outside. I'm proud of how well they behave, and grateful that they can come with me. And this morning we were especially grateful for the ride home, as I don't think I could have walked two dogs and carried all the fresh produce that I bought: peaches, heirloom cherry tomatoes, grapes, cilantro, peaches and cream variety corn, and squash blossoms!