Thursday, August 14, 2014

I'm full. :)

   The harvest has been amazing this year, and I haven't lifted a finger, other then a few culinary creations. My friends Scott and Allyson, David, Abby, and Cassie have been extremely generous in sharing their homegrown produce. How gorgeous is all of this?!
   Heirloom tomatoes, Romas, and jalapeños:
   My new favorites: small-yet-flavor-packed sun golds:
   Huge bunches of herbs and peppers:
   Zucchini! So I can finally try that lemon-zucchini cake recipe:
   Another HUGE batch of tomatoes. Tough decision between more salsa or more marinara!
   David's sundried tomatoes from Romas:
   And I'm working on my own batch—never made these before!
   I packed mine in olive oil with fresh parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, and basil, all from David. And of course I couldn't stop thinking of that Simon and Garfunkel song the whole time.
   That huge bag of fresh basil made some AWESOME fresh pesto with toasted pinenuts, and toasted walnuts from Britten & Rich's yard. It would be great on pasta, but I've been enjoying it on whole-grain bread with turkey, charcuterie, cheese, and sundried tomatoes.

First batch of homemade salsa:
   And tilapia tacos with crispy jalapeños:
This tilapia actually came from the store. But c'mon, it's gorgeous:

And yes, more salsa...
   Crab taco with more homemade salsa (Is it possible to get tired of salsa? Not when it's this fresh!).
   Super, super grateful for my green-thumbed-friends!