Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Funniest thing today

   I came into work this morning, and found random bags on my desk: 
   One was a huge stash of three different varieties of tomatoes. With more homemade biscotti. Must be from David.
   Another contained Mexican jalapeño flavored chips, homemade beef jerky, and a tiny sombrero. So I knew it had to be from Allyson and Scott. Allyson's birthday is today, so I sent her this: 
   "Feliz cumpleanos" dice Los tres amigos: gato jefe, el bratwurst, y la princesa!

   The first two were awesome, but the last was the funniest: here is a photo of the contents, along with a note that Amy left with them. It's important to know that the Cheez-its were on top of the bag, concealing the other items…
   I am told that the writing in these books is so horrible that I, too, will want to burn them as soon as I start reading. But I suppose I have to actually try it in order to know for sure. ;)
   Today was otherwise a bit rough, so all the more reason that I <3 funny friends! And funny pets!