Monday, September 22, 2014

Good food, & lots of it!

   On Friday night, my coworker, David, hosted a garden-to-table pizza dinner at his home in Independence. He made homemade crust for all, pre-cooked it on his grill, and then let us top the pizzas just as we wishes. Then he grilled them to perfection. He had many fresh herbs, loads of delicious tomatoes, and a spicy homemade pesto--all from his garden!
   He also sent me home with a lot of fresh produce for myself. I had so many Roma tomatoes I wasn't sure what to do with them, so I sun-dried them in my oven. AKA tomato jerky! They are super rich & flavorful, even unseasoned.
   Then, as I was using the larger tomatoes and the basil, sage, & thyme to make fresh marinara, it dawned on me that if I chopped the sun-dried tomatoes, they would add loads of intense flavor. I'm not sure how the experiment will turn out, but I can't wait to taste it on pasta!
   He even gave me some green tomatoes to slice, bread, and fry.
   And loads of red and green jalapeno peppers to stuff & grill. And did I mention loads of homemade biscotti? Oh yeah, I think I'm getting spoiled…