Monday, September 8, 2014

It's good to be missed!

   They really don't miss me *too* much when I'm gone, since Mary Ann takes such great care of them... But I don't mind all the attention they lavish on me after a week away, that's for sure. Kismet spend the early morning on my head, Taylor and I went for a 4-mile run, and the normally-too-cool Aki even enjoyed a good snuggle.
   Their sweet looks conceal brattiness, however: Mary Ann confessed that Aki woke her up at all hours during the night, wanting to go out in the backyard to hunt. And when Mary Ann didn't get up one time, Aki apparently peed on the couch.
   Aki also scratched up one of the closet doors trying to get at something inside, and moments later was pawing at the couch. When Mary Ann pulled it out from the wall, Taylor dove in one side, Aki dove in the other, and Aki the supreme hunter pounced on and killed a mouse that had been hiding. Aargh!!!
(Update 9/12, 7 am: Aki brought me downstairs to show off another kill. Oh my lord, where are they all coming from?!)
   We are all very lucky that Mary Ann is very patient and willing to put up with our nonsense! Just look... They practically have "shenanigans" written across their faces!