Saturday, October 25, 2014

Flaming Lips!!! And other!!

   One of my Instagram friends just posted this image, which I hadn't seen before. It's the 2014 cover of an album by The Flaming Lips. And here's why it's awesome: not only is it a great illustration, but it is timed perfectly. I have spent the last couple hours chopping jalapeño and habanero peppers, which my friend David gave me in spades, to make some homemade hot sauces.
   I remembered to take my contact lenses out before I started handling the peppers this time. It's safer to wear glasses anyway, as it shield your eyes from the spray of any juicy peppers. However, the rest of my face, and my forearms, were unprotected. By the time I had finished chopping, my arms, my scalp, my fingernails, my throat, my nose, and my entire face were all tingly—especially my lips. Now you see why the album cover is so perfect.
   Either this hot sauce will be delicious (albeit spicy enough to melt your face off) or it will be a very powerful weapon: homemade pepper spray juice!