Saturday, October 25, 2014

Weston Bend, part III

   Here's that gorgeous, rich, golden light that I visit Weston every fall to see. The woods here are just magical!
   Here's what the Missouri River overlook looked like in the afternoon, when all the fog had burned off. Compare that to my morning shot from the same location: quite different, but both beautiful!
   The fog was unique and mysterious, and I'm very glad we got to witness it. I'm equally glad, though, that it lifted and we got a huge dose of the real Weston Bend: fireworks of foliage!
   This part of the trail is always stunning to me in fall. It hardly looks real, being surrounded by so much color:
   Yes, I should have been home working today, or making artwork, or cleaning the house, or about 1,001 other things... but somehow, I have no regrets.  ;)