Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Great balls of fire!

   My buddy, David, gave me the mother lode of jalapeno and habanero peppers—and a recipe for homemade hot sauce. So I used it... and it resulted in 72 hours of my hands and arms burning badly enough that it kept waking me up at night. My brain thought that my arms were asleep, and woke me up so I could change positions. But I wasn't having "pins and needles"... I was having burning.
   Ever trying to envision the positive, my new superpower is throwing balls of fire from my poor, poor hands. And thus, my October 28th edition of #inktober art.
   And the results: h
omemade jalapeño relish & sauce, and habanero relish & sauce. If you don't see me around tomorrow, send an ambulance. #hotstuff #seriouslyhotstuff #preemptiveregrets