Monday, October 27, 2014

Oh, happy day!

   Aki is so happy she smiles in her sleep. When I took this picture last night, she was actually woofing and howling and flinching in her sleep, too. She is one happy girl.
   We've had a big milestone in the last few weeks. I adopted Aki just over seven years ago, but it wasn't until recently that she truly started approaching me for affection. She has long trusted me and followed me. But she is finally understanding how good it feels to have her neck and back scratched, and is coming to me to request it. She doesn't seem as uncomfortable with touch as she has always been... She's almost a normal dog. :)
   The other cool thing that I've noticed lately is that she readily approaches strangers on our walk, rather then shying away from them. To the point where she actually impedes their progress, because she wants them to stop and say hello. I wasn't sure we'd ever get to that point!