Sunday, October 12, 2014

Happy Birthday, Tay-kun!!!

   My Taylor-man is 8 today, and it has been 5.5 years since I adopted him. And what a great 5.5 years it has been! He makes every day more fun. I attempted to get a family photo to commemorate the occasion, but Kismet the ninja-cat kinda ruined it when she thought Taylor was upstaging her. Aki saw it coming: look how she's leaning away:
Taylor stepped forward (rookie move, Taylor!) and...
Poor, sweet boy never stood a chance. Whammo!!! He didn't fight back, and as you can see, Aki didn't even consider stepping in to help her buddy for a second. Kismet has kicked her @** before (she still has a scar to prove it), so she knows who the boss is. Birthday or no birthday.