Saturday, October 11, 2014

Busy birthday eve

    Today I went out for a morning run with Rich—my first time to run all the way around the Shawnee Mission Park road loop. It is quite hilly and therefore challenging, but weather was on our side—it was under 50 degrees, but sunny. After that, we had our usual breakfast at Eggtc. Then I started laundry, dishes, and some house cleaning.
   It was too nice a day (low 60s in October!), so I walked the dogs for a mile and a half around the neighborhood. Later, we stopped by Gary Gribble so I could get some new running shoes to break in before my next half marathon, and then hit Stoll park until sunset.
   With all that exercise, all three of us were tuckered out, setting us up for a very lazy birthday Sunday...
   I don't even know why Kismet would be tired, except that she did chase the laser pointer a bit today. Oh, and also, she's a cat. And a snuggly one at that!
   The gang hung out with me all Sunday morning while I did some long-overdue photo archiving on the computer. Nice to have such charming company.