Sunday, October 19, 2014

Nuts and Mooses

   Sunday we checked out of the hotel and made an unscheduled stop at Perry's Nut House on our way down the coast. I mean, when you see a giant wooden squirrel holding a giant peanut, how can you NOT stop for that? I'm so glad my family enjoys all the same stupid things I do. Wait... Maybe it's their fault!?!
   On the way down to Camden, we wandered into a resort called Point Lookout that looked especially enticing. There were many cabins nestled in the woods, and we followed the curving path all the way up to the overlook and see clubhouse, where many weddings are held. It seems like the perfect place for us to spend the night. (Note for future trips: the cabins are quite small, and really only accommodate one person for each of the two bedrooms. The beds are doubles, not queens as we were told.)
   As we were enjoying the view, suddenly, the silence was broken by the sound of a moose bugling. To this day, none of us have ever seen a moose in Maine, but finally we have heard one! The bronze statues on the resort property will have to suffice for this trip.