Saturday, November 29, 2014

Artful week

   You can see how exhausting this week has been, creating all this artwork and preparing for the sale… Just look at how tired poor Taylor is! Waitaminute... Actually, he wasn't much help at all. But at least he wasn't actively working against me like "somebody" was… When Aki saw me packing the car, she assumed it meant that I was going out of town for a long time, and followed me around, doing her signature high-pitched whining/bird-chirping noises. She even intentionally blocked my path to try to stop me.
Taylor just moped in bed.
   Aki continued her chicanery by jumping up and put in her front paws on the bed, poking me with her nose, and crying throughout the night. I hardly got any sleep!
   Despite their best efforts, I accomplished a lot this week: fourteen paintings in six days (including Ginny's doxies, which were an art trade). And I enjoyed every minute of it.
   Because when it comes to art fairs, I say: