Sunday, November 30, 2014

Acrylic cleanup success

   Now that the art sale is over, I can attend to other important business that has been set off to the side. Like googling "how to get acrylic paint out of denim." I thought one of my favorite pairs of jeans had been ruined the other night, when Kismet jumped up on my lap while I was painting. I was happy to see her… 
   Until I realize that her big, fluffy tail had ventured onto my big pallete full of wet paint, and was tipped in pink. She waved it, smearing pink acrylic down her side, and I scooped her up in horror as Brett and Jana watched, laughing. I took her to the kitchen sink and rinsed her off, and she struggled mightily, trying to crawl up onto my shoulder so she could jump over me and escape. After I freed her, I carefully checked the scene of the crime for any other errands paint that needed to be cleaned up immediately. Acrylic pretty much dries into plastic, so once it's dry, it's dry.
   It wasn't until the next morning that I noticed that a few blobs of paint had dodged my protective apron and went down the side of my jeans. I am thrilled to report that my search was fruitful, and the remedy worked like a charm! Saving it here, because Lord knows, I will need it again.