Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fostering success

   I am thrilled to report that we have had a couple of giant leaps forward with my foster girl this morning. 
   My friends Steph & Jack brought over some new food last night, some treats called Charlie Bears, and a bottle of "dog beer." This girl has not been eating since I received her on Tuesday, but she is happily taking the treats, and she gobbled up a bowl of dry food with the dog beer poured over it.
   She also has gone in and out of the house on her own several times today (previously she has been too afraid, so I have to carry her). All the credit for this goes to my girl Aki. I left the back door open and watched from another room as Aki walked in and out and in and out about eight times, showing the foster girl how it's done. And she followed her!
   With these mill dogs, the progress is often slow, so it thrills me to see how far she has come in just a few days. I am hopeful that I can help this girl be ready for a new home in time for her birthday on December 17.