Sunday, November 30, 2014

Wayside Waifs... And Jake Smith

   Tonight I had the pleasure of touring these facilities with my friend Robin, who recently accepted a position at the shelter. I was very impressed with the facilities themselves: the size of the building, the clinic, and the overall cleanliness. The staff and volunteers were friendly, and the pets… Well, let's just say it was tough to get out of there by myself tonight.
   The shelter finds loving homes for 6500 local pets each year, and each pet spends only an average of two weeks in the shelter. Whatever they are doing, it surely is working!
   Check out this amazing, kinetic art hanging in the lobby, designed by a Hallmark artist:
   And this is Mr. Jake Smith:
   He is just one of many wonderful cats and dogs whom I met at the shelter this evening. This guy is about a-year-old, extremely outgoing, friendly, and playful. He has a striking face, with dramatic eyes like a Siamese. IF I wore in a position to adopt a kitty right now, which I am not, it would be a tough decision for me between this guy, and a white and orange tabby whom I saw in the temporary holding area.