Saturday, November 8, 2014

Black & white photo challenge

   My friend and dive buddy, Jesse D, challenged me to a five-day black-and-white photo challenge. I decided to go new school and just use my iPhone for the job. Here's what I have come up with so far:
   This is my last dahlia of the season, which is now living inside my cozy little house, since we've already had a hard freeze:
   Day two: This images from the dive shop, since I spent much of the day they're teaching a discover scuba class today:
   And this is a bonus black & white challenge image for day two. I spotted this on the sidewalk; it islight cast by my Scott & Allyson's landscape lighting. The seam on the right side is between the edge of the sidewalk and the flower bed with mulch. Reminds me of my dahlia image, actually!
    Day three: A close-up of the bark of a persimmon tree in Britten and Rich's yard. I don't believe I've ever had fresh persimmon, and it certainly is an interesting taste. They sent me home with a few, so I'll have to figure out something fancy to make.

   And here is a photo of Rich and me on the trail and Landahl park. I realized during the run that the reason I liked the signs is that they look like the ones marking the ski slopes in Colorado. And snowboarding season is fast approaching!

   Day four was a little closer to home: a portrait of my sweet boy Taylor, sporting an autumn fascinator.
    Day five started out tough, but ended well. I took out my laptop to do some work on the bus. This screen came up, and refused to go away. Time to zap the PRAM!
   Fortunately, that's always have a way of making us feel better. Here is kismet declaring that it's time for bed:
    Shooting for black-and-white is a great challenge, one that I haven't tackled very often. It's amazing how much of a crutch color can be; when you try an image in black-and-white, there has to be a significant level of contrast to deliver an image with enough integrity. Like anything else, though, it will just take more practice, and the practice is highly enjoyable. In just five days time, I started looking at the world in a new way. I might just have to continue this challenge…