Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Crafty Chick Progress

   I have been crazy busy for the last four days, painting up a storm in preparation for the Crafty Chicks sale up in Liberty this Saturday. Eight paintings so far, six more in progress. Some of these are commissions, and some will be for sale. 
   Although I have attended this event many times in the past as a buyer, this will be my first time selling my work. I'll have these new pieces along with a few that were left after the Hallmarket sale back in September. And I'm next to Ginny again! We even worked together  at my house with Dawn last Saturday, which made for a ton of fun! And also a big mess. Ha!
   Here's all the info--40+ talented artists will be selling their work. Come pick up some Christmas gifts that are truly unique, and support local artists.
   Oh, and related to the black cat/green tea painting, I finally searched for some clarification on "maccha" vs. "matcha." Sounds like the spelling "maccha" is preferred by Japanese.