Thursday, November 6, 2014

Recent drawings

   A bunch of sketchy randomness. A mini Taylor for Luis's son, William:
   A Backsnacks bear, which accompanied my donation for 20 new backpacks!
   For Gretchen, who told me has a daisy pen pal (after I laughed, she explained that a daisy is a young Girl Scout):
   And for Danielle and Riley, who have back-to-back birthdays. They met while running a marathon in which Riley and his friends were dressed as bananas... And one gorilla. (Yes, they ran like that.)
   And here are a couple drawings on baked goods!!! Jaws was for Dan & Sarah's going-away party (they're dive instructors):
   And the Halloween skull was for my Hallmark coworkers:
   However, the icing slid during transit. How funny is this?!