Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dressing for races

  I just captured this information for a friend who is going to do her first half marathon with me, and I thought it was worth keeping here for myself. Transitioning from summer heat to cool fall temperatures, it's easy to forget how you are supposed to dress. Transitioning from hot summer temperatures (often abruptly) to cool fall and cold winter temps, it's easy to forget how to dress properly. Maybe this will help me next year. ;)
   Amy is used to running on a treadmill everyday, not outside so much. I'm excited to share what I know... And VERY excited for the race in Yosemite!
   For 50 & up I wear shorts & short sleeves. For 50 & below I wear tights, long sleeves, fleece earband, light gloves if needed. (This is what I wore for Longview half, & it was 32.) Below 30, I add a very light jacket, and a knit hat.
Compression socks or sleeves are miracle workers for stamina & stability. 
   Note to self: research & buy a gps watch!