Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Kyra: troubling news

   Friends of Shibas, I have unfortunate news: I just learned that this sweet girl ("the Shiba formerly known as Kyra") is heartworm positive.
   I know we can get her treated and nursed back to health, but this is a large financial blow to an organization which is already flooded with dogs... There are currently 14 owners who want to surrender their dogs now, before the holidays, which is an unfortunate yet predictable predicament. We need foster homes despearately. And Kyra's treatment will cost the better part of $1000.
   If you have room in your budget to donate to MSIR this season, I'd be most grateful if you considered it. Thanks very much. I'll keep everyone posted on this girl's progress. donate here:
   I sure hope the breeder didn't know, but I bet they wanted to unload her rather than invest in her. 

   Folks, even if you purchase a perfect, healthy, happy puppy from a pet store, what we hope you understand is that you are supporting a terrible industry, in which those puppies' parents are worth nothing except how many puppies they can pump out. They often go without proper medical care, let alone genetic & temperament tests to ensure healthy offspring. 

   Please, educate your friends & family and urge them to ONLY get pets through responsible breeders, or rescue. Never a pet store.

   One other thing I'd like to mention: in most parts of the country, if not all, your dog should be on monthly heartworm preventative year round. Just because it's cold that you don't see is many mosquitoes, that doesn't mean that it safe for your dog to go off of their preventative.

   Giving your dog that monthly chewable tablet can save you thousands of dollars, and potential heartbreak, if your dog were to contracts this.