Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Kyra: 1 week update

   1 week update on my foster girl (yet to be renamed, formerly Kyra), who was released from a puppy mill, and will be turning 6 on 12/17:

   I had a long day at work today, and when I came downstairs to let her out of her kennel, she was showing positive, excited (though cautious) body language, rather then huddled in the back. She wagged her tail a little, and even yipped once... She was glad to see me! 

   Over the last couple days, her appetite has been increasing; a few times, she has taken a treat out of my hand. I've seen her play bow to my dogs, and even start to play with toys. She absolutely loves racing around the backyard. I've caught her chasing her tail twice, though she looks embarrassed and stops when she sees me. Her personality is just starting to emerge, and I think she's a goofball!

   This is her "Bigfoot" photo. Catch her if you can! She moves pretty quickly when she's running around the yard, or exploring the house.