Monday, December 8, 2014

Feeling suddenly festive

   In truth, I was going to skip the Christmas cards this year, for lack of time, energy, money, and inspiration. But as soon as inspiration struck me, all that turned around! I really like the little gingerbread house that I made it our party on Saturday, so I decided to make it the star of my Christmas card. Excuse me, I mean the background of my Christmas card. The stars were obvious: my own pets in festive holiday wear. They may still resent me for years to come, but I think they look pretty freaking adorable.
   Here are the raw photos that I used to construct the card; I thought it might be fun to show the behind the scenes process:
   Now that the Christmas cards are ordered and on the way, there is little to do but sit around the house and smell that delicious gingerbread scent wafting from my dining room table. Anyone want to place bets on who will dig into it first, me or the dogs? I am betting that I will find Taylor standing on my dining room table devouring it someday soon. And that, my friends, will be my inspiration for next year's card.