Monday, December 8, 2014

Couple of random drawings

   First off, two drawings inspired by real life. Today I brought a grapefruit for lunch. A particularly sour grapefruit. Which I love. But it's fun to draw myself with my face turned inside out.
I drew this one on my ride to work (hence the shakiness). It was below freezing outside, and the heat on the bus would rival that in Hades. I seriously thought I might not survive it. Hypothermia, party of one!
    I drew this one inside a card for a friend whose family is going through a particularly difficult time. I hope their days get brighter.
   Last one requires more explantation. I paid Facebook for a one-week promotion of my art page, www.facebook/JenRareyArt. I have been trading emails with a Facebook representative, but it sure appears to me that Facebook screwed up. Instead of my ad being targeted to six countries which I was prompted to select, it was only promoted in South Korea. Suddenly, I have hundreds of new friends in Korea! 
   While this is of course wonderful, I was hoping to gather more of a worldwide following. I'm hoping Facebook will do the right thing and turn my ad back on for the other countries. But make no mistake, I welcome new friends, wherever they are.
   So I drew this quick sketch, using Google translate as my accomplice, to wish my new friends a warm welcome. If it doesn't say "welcome", I might be in trouble… ;)