Monday, December 8, 2014

I'm Santa.

   Not only have I been the very happy recipient of some very wonderful, generous gifts this time around, I have also been a Santa myself. The name I drew was Carlos, who sits on the opposite side of the floor from me, and whom I have never met--i'm not even sure I've ever seen him before. Ordinarily that may have daunted me, but Carlos said one thing on his form that sparked my imagination: his wife wants him on a diet.
   So I decided to help out Carlos by bestowing him with "healthy" gifts. Or at least, gifts that look healthy and would please his wife if he were to send her a photo of what he received. I turned this:
Into this:
   Carrots, broccoli, rice cakes? How could his wife not love this? You are welcome, Carlos, whoever you are. I get to meet him at the big reveal on Wednesday…