Thursday, December 18, 2014

From Kansas to Cali

   Fresh pow in the am and palm trees in the pm... If today actually included snowboarding & diving, it would have been perfect! Photo above was taken upon arriving in LA. Below, upon leaving Kansas... We got 2-4" of snow overnight. And I happen to be one of maybe four people in KC who like the snow--love it, actually--so I was THRILLED to wake up to it. But let's be honest... This is NOT a black & white photo. Kansas winter color is not always stellar. LA is in full glory.
   I caught a ride on the wrong Flyaway to westwood, then talked to some good Samaritans who steered me to the Lyft app (and a backup, Sidecar... Screw Uber for being run by hateful a-holes). And now I'm hanging out at Kelley's while she's out with Aaron. Little Sean is supah sleepy, and I can hardly wait for him to wake up!!!