Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A gift for Amy

   I talked my friend Amy into traveling to run a half marathon together. This will be my fourth, unless I run any before then. And likewise, this will be her first. She is understandably excited and nervous, just as I was last year when I was anticipating my first half.
   I wanted to get her a meaningful Christmas gift, and of course I thought it would be fun to do something related to our impending run, to give her confidence. So I found a small box and typed up dozens and dozens of training tips and power songs. There were so many I could barely fit them all in the box! It made me realize how much I have progress in my own running in a short amount of time.
   She loved it, and I love her courageousness to try something that she wasn't sure was possible for her. I know she can do it. My hunch is that she'll become as addicted to the feeling of achievement as I have.