Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Goodbye Kyra, Hello Aki

   My little friend Kyra went to her new foster home, with my good friend Kathy, last night. There is little other choice, since Aki suddenly decided that this house isn't big enough for two girls. Kathy fostered both of my dogs, as well as both my friend Jen's dogs. She is extremely experienced and kindhearted, and will be an even better foster home than I was. I am happy for Kyra. I wish her the best in her journey towards true freedom, her conquering of heart worms, and of course on her sixth birthday, which is tomorrow.
   Meanwhile, I had some problems to address in my own household. Joni came by on Saturday and spent several hours with us, walking around the neighborhood and retraining Aki. Her chief issue is that she highly dominant and wants to control other dogs, and she is fearful of small children who rush her. Both could potentially be serious issues, so we are putting a stop to it now.
   I have seen the pinch collars, also called prong collars, and like many, assumed that they were cruel. After being taught how to use one properly, not only do I think they are not cruel when used in the proper manner, they are a secret weapon that helps the dog quickly understand what the trainer is looking for and respond accordingly. Aki needed something to help interrupt her overactive mind when we approached a strange dog, and understood the exercise almost immediately. She wore the collar with only a couple of corrections. I was amazed at how quickly and easily it works, and it gave me a huge amount of confidence that we will conquer her issues.