Friday, December 12, 2014

Sybarite5 show

   A string quintet that plays everything from Mozart to Radiohead? Find out when Sybarite5 is coming to your town & see them. They're accurately described as, "Classically trained to rock your f***ing socks off!"
   Christy nabbed the tickets to see these guys at the folly theater, and M'kiylah and I were the lucky benefactors. I'm a fan of stringed instruments, particularly the violins and cellos, so this was a real treat. The Radiohead things came out of left field since I had not done my homework on this group. It made for a neat experience to know so little about them going in: just that they were a modern string quintet from New York. In actuality, there was so much more to them than that.
   The group met at a music festival in Aspen, and hails from the far reaches of places like Boston, New York... And Argentina. Their name came from the ancient Greek city of Sybaris known for their outrageous pleasure seeking, and indeed the group plays whatever they love. Eclectic and delightful in every way.
   The group took a selfie, and I am the second head above the sheet music in front of the upright bass. ;)