Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Fun with the flu

   I've been dark for a while, between traveling for the holiday, and then the flu. And while being sick sucks, there is one great thing about it: it helps you realize how many super-duper-ultra-extra-mega-awesome friends you have. To everyone who has brought provisions, come by to check on me, or even checked in virtually to offer help or support: I hope you all know how much you are truly appreciated! It means more than you know. 
   On a lighter (or more accurately, darker) note, Rich and I were joking about what we would say if the flu killed me. I mean, there are many of exciting ways to risk your life, but nobody wants to die of the flu.
   I told him to start jazzing up the story now, so he could tell me what he would tell people, so I could illustrate it. Are you confused yet? Here is how Rich would tell people that I died, and my resultant illustration: