Saturday, January 3, 2015

My lil' "helper" & a big job

   Although I slept another 10 hours last night, that's two or three less than each of the last few days. I'm finally starting to feel a little bit better. And finally getting around to my goal of getting the house purged and cleaned, room by room. I won't finish in just two days, but today I was in the mood to give it a good try.
   I started by changing my bed linens this morning, swapping the comforter for the down comforter now that cold weather has set in. Then I made the bed with the spare sheets and started laundry, whilst cleaning out and organizing the linen closet. In the meantime, Kismet set about her hedonistic ways, trying out all the linens, and making sure they were covered in cat hair. What a princess!
   So that comforter had to be washed before I store it until spring, but at least the cat is rested and happy. I did four loads of laundry in all.
   I finished cleaning out the entire linen closet, bagging older towels to donate to one of our local animal shelters. Then I cleaned out the vanity and cabinet in the bathroom. I still had a little energy, so I pulled a bunch of second-tier clothes out of my closets and drawers.
   Now I'm not feeling so bad about all the sick time. I had cleaned out every cabinet in the kitchen last week before I became really sick. I still have many rooms to go, and already a mountain of items to donate against the wall in the basement. It's hard to let go of some things that I genuinely like, but I try to detach any emotion, and also remind myself that others will benefit from me giving them up.