Friday, January 23, 2015

Octopus for Adam

   Tons of fun celebrating Adam's birthday tonight! His lovely wife Dana commissioned an octopus-in-a-kilt painting from me as a surprise, and I surprised them both by commissioning a piece by Keiko Murakami for them. The pictures say it all... Pure glee! 
Jonathan McGaha did a nice Doctor Who theme piece for them, too. I'd say Adam made quite a haul!!
   Some octopus-in-progress shots. Adam & Dana have a collection of art depicting octopus in kilts. Such a fun idea to commission art on such a personal and specific theme! Mine is acrylic on wood panel.
   As to the reason for this unusual subject matter, Dana said: Adam has Scottish heritage. He was a scuba diver when I met him, and I later became a diver. Right after we started dating, we somehow discovered that on our monitors on our work desks,  we both had a toy octopus. We both really liked octopuses. When I made our account on Crunchy Roll (to watch anime), I just made it "octopusinakilt", and it just sort of stuck. Eventually, we had the idea to ask artists to create artwork simply given "octopus in a kilt" as a subject. It's been just glorious fun!
   These guys live super close to me, though we first met on a dive trip in Roatan, Honduras. You quickly learn to dive near them because they find octopus everywhere!