Saturday, February 14, 2015

Best ever V-Day

   Today was hands down the best Valentine's Day ever! (And not just because I narrowly avoided what was shaping up to be a harrowing first meeting with a guy who may have been a murderer.) Amy invited me over, so I brought champagne, treats for her dog Cisco, and was prepared to meet her family and closest friends.
   Before long, all hell broke loose, which in this case meant there was a baby getting a bath in the kitchen sink. Looks like Rachel's got her work cut out for her! Now that I have finally met her, I really can't wait to run the half marathon with her and Amy.
   Kids everywhere! There was 1-year-old Bennett, two 3-year-olds: Lucy and Maxwell, and 8-year-old Zoe. This shot was taken moments before Lucy gave little Ben a huge hug!
   I had heard that Zoe and Lucy like to draw, so I brought a fresh pad of paper and a bunch of crayons. I'm probably the only one who wants a shark Valentine, and here it is.
   Their dad, Zac, was more into critiquing our drawings like an out-of-control tyrant of a creative director might do. (I don't know anyone like that, of course.) He is hilarious! Apparently that runs in the family.
   We played a bunch of games including Heads Up on our iPhones, catchphrase, Word a Round (Zoe schooled all), and a simple one they called "wizard or warrior." The whole idea with that one was to just categorize someone based on their personality. Lucy and I are warriors. She, being three, is a kitten warrior.
   Brandon introduced me to my new favorite beverage! And Rachel and Tim are fixing to fix me up with a friend of theirs who lives in Florida, a handsome marine biologist. They had a video to prove it.
   It was so great to finally meet Amy's mom and her son Jake; I already knew Will; Zach and Corey and Lucy and Zoe; Rachel and Tim and Max and the little guy; and Brandon. In the end, my face & other parts hurt from laughing so hard. I love to laugh, and I love Amy's family and friends--simply couldn't imagine a better Valentine's Day. :)
I even learned something from those candy hearts… "143" means I love you.
   This is the song where I had heard the term initially, which was in heavy rotation on my running playlist for a while: . I still think that blue heart looks like it says "OPP". Yeah, you know me.