Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love & Scuba

   Valentine's Day was in full swing today at Sam's Skin n Scuba dive shop… Our dive buddy George stopped by to announce his engagement to Jennifer. We had been in class since 8 AM practicing our knowledge development presentations, and I already had a whiteboard in my lap, so I quickly busted out this drawing to congratulate them.
   We each had a chance to develop and deliver to knowledge review presentations today. Though daunting at first, it is quickly feeling easier and more natural... Sam gives us so much opportunity to practice and learn, and great feedback.
   Now, personally, I have never seen anyone hold a sign as confidently as our buddy, Jerry:
   Today my presentations were on the concept of neutral buoyancy from the open water course, and where to locate information and tips on planning training dives from the divemaster course. My scores were 4.0, and 4.8. Already showing improvement!
My favorite diving Valentines, Marty & Jeff:
   We wrapped up about three hours later then originally planned, and it is Valentine's Day, after all, so on the way home I treated myself to something I love… Even if it isn't so good for me. Good thing I ran 4 miles last night, preemptively. Their onion rings must contain crack. I'm just sayin'.