Saturday, February 21, 2015

Underwater stormtrooper!

   Hollis rebreather event at the shop today. Significantly extending your dive time? Yes, please! This was my first time testing out a rebreather of any sort, and it was a semi closed unit with Nitrox.
   I can't be the only one thinking of this:
   My buddy Scott supervised me, you know, to make sure I didn't like, die and stuff.
   I spent the rest of the day diving Amy's backplate and harness, with atomic regulators. Thanks to my buddies Chuck and Renée, I have never owned my own BC and reg--I have been borrowing theirs for nearly 2 years. Now that I am in IDC, it's getting to the point where the issue will be forced. And frankly, it will be better to have my own gear anyway. Just have to get over the price tag, because I know it is worth investing in the best gear.
   And somehow, as is often the case, I got talked into sticking around and working my tail off. I taught a Discover SCUBA for four boys around 10 years old, and a couple in their late 20s. In truth, it was easy, because all of them took to it without issue.
   After a few spins around the deep end with the four boys, I retreated to watch them from the ledge, having been kicked in the head about 4000 times. They were doing backflips, front flips, and practically WWF wrestling underwater. It was a great, teachable moment: I ended the session with 2100 psi, when the boys were down under 500.
There is such joy in bringing new divers into our sport!