Sunday, March 15, 2015

Perry Lake Fourteener

   Our 10 mile hike turned into 14, as that nerd in the middle went missing for 2 hours. He took off after an animal and vanished! I've never felt so desperate and helpless... And as it got dark, was facing the reality that I might be returning home without my beloved buddy.
   To prevent that in the future, Mr. Taylor will NEVER be off leash again! He's about 99% trustworthy... And if he ain't 100%, he's 0%. It's just not worth risking the loss of such an excellent little buddy. I committed to MSIR that I'd give him a great home and they entrusted me with his care, and I don't take that lightly.
   It does bum me out because I feel like I've failed him as a trainer. But the boy goes DEAF when he gets on a scent, and I'm not certain that anything but a tether can cure that.