Sunday, March 15, 2015

Perry Lake perfection

   Today's high was around 72°… Yes, in March! So Joni, Kelly, and I planned to spend the day hiking at Perry. How different the scenery looked then when we were here just two months earlier, with a completely frozen lake.
   The Shibas were in heaven, despite me forcing them to "work" by wearing packs and carrying their own treats and leashes.
   As always, Joni was at the top of her game, getting some amazing shots of the group. Here, her little mama's boy border collie, Asher, helps her get the perfect shot by removing a branch that was in the way. Asher is a perfect poser (he has had a lot of practice), and she got some stunning shots of him!
   Aki, too, enjoyed the royal treatment. Nothing makes these dogs happier then a day spent with us out of doors.
   Lots of unique features along our 14 mile path (which was only supposed to be 10.25… See my other post): Blue blazes on thorny honey locust trees, massive boneyards full of lovely bleached-white, smooth driftwood, and amber waves of… Water. Ahh, Kansas. Well, the ocean it ain't, but it's the best we've got nearby.