Monday, March 30, 2015

The heart of Hallmark?

   My heart was hurting already; I was hoping the worst was over. Thinking of my Hallmark family today. Creative always was and always will be the heart of the company. I just don't understand. Read the article... 200 creatives will lose their jobs by summer. I'm sure this means Hallmark will no longer be the world's largest full-time employer of creatives.
   I will never regret all the time I spent at Hallmark; I met the most incredible people, was always inspired, and learned something new every day. Those things alone made it more than worth it for me. The company was good to me right up to the very end, and beyond.
   No other company enjoys such a massive amount of creative talent; I wish we could have put it together in the right way.
   Still sad-but-glad to be moving on. Here's an artful photo collage of the inside of HQ from artist and friend, Flora Chang:
   In happier news, countless friends texted and emailed me today to make sure I had heard the news. And still, I have friends sending me job postings they've run across that they think might interest me. It is nice to know that even though I'm out of sight, I'm not out of mind. And I am looking forward to the opportunity to dive in and help others once I get myself settled... I've learned a lot in the last few weeks, and that's highly motivating. I can pay it forward.