Monday, April 27, 2015

   Well, I've been branded. Fortunately not the same kind of branding they use on cattle, though I smell a cartoon in my future. No, this is on Charlie turned me on to the site, and it's an easy way to pull in your LinkedIn data to create a personal page. I need to go back in and add my own images and portfolio, but version 1.0 is go!!!
   I had several VERY EXCITING conversations yesterday... with a recruiter, Michiko and Chieko, Amy, and a guy who already works at a place that I want to work. And Chieko just got hired at another place I'd like to work. Nothing that I'm ready to go public with at this point, but I know that great things are afoot. Keep wishing me luck, friends!  :)
   One of the opportunities I'm working on seems so perfect for me that I can't help but start tearing up every time I even think about it. I just want it so badly, and feel like it could be the path to finding a purpose that is greater than I could have ever imagined for myself. A stepping stone to even bigger things. And, of course, some of the tears are brought on by thinking about what it would actually be like to leave the home that I've had for almost 20 years, and all of the incredible friendships I've built here. You guys have to promise to visit, okay?