Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Inspiration: love life

   My friend Laura P also shared this profound article today. She lost her husband, Kevin, last year, after only a few months battling pancreatic cancer. It was one of the most heartbreaking situations for those of us looking in from the outside, so I can't imagine what she is still going through. Laura is a talented writer and a deeply thoughtful and empathetic human being, so when she shares a story, I listen. 
   The quote from the article that resonated with me most is this: "If you hold the past too tightly, your arms have no room for the present — no room for the gifts of now." I like it so much because it is true for any time, not just during a time of grief.
   I am not a deeply religious person, but that didn't stop me from finding gems of truth here. There is abundance of the universe. We mustn't allow fear to rule our lives; it will destroy us. Love means sacrifice. But this sacrifice ultimately makes us stronger, and the world better. And success is faithfulness, to ourselves and to others.