Tuesday, April 14, 2015


     Welcome to wine "country"! Here's the result of my recent freelance job... they asked for a goofy cow and a fun, colorful take on wine country—and didn't they get it? This one was a very quick turnaround, as the Passport to Dry Creek Valley event is April 24-26. Sure wish I was able to attend this one. I think I need to get out there to do some "research" on wine.
   All told, I spent 20 hours and change on this one over two days. And now I am sitting out on my deck enjoying a well-deserved glass of… Well, you know. ;)
   This was my second Sonoma county art job, the first being the Paws & Pawsta fundraiser. This one paid. Huge thanks to my buddy Liz for the hookup! :)