Sunday, April 19, 2015

Copper closing party

   There were a lot of characters at the closing parties. I had not considered the possibility of a mohawk, in order to increase my total height. Hmmm... The guy said he uses gelatin to get it to stay up. Noted.
   There were ski jumping competitions:
   Frightening bikini competitions:
   And possibly best of all, of the activities drew crowds, which kept them off the slopes. Empty slopes for us! All in all, I rode just about 70 miles in three days. Who knows, maybe next year I will be entering that jumping competition. Or the bikini competition… Whatever will win me a free season pass!
   Easy street!
   This little resort town is just gorgeous.
   Wouldn't you know I would find the snowboards what shibas painted on them? 
   We did have just a little time to shop on Sunday night. Here's a close-up of a banded amethyst from Gunnison, Colorado that Maureen purchased for her new home:
   And to close out the trip, here is one of my favorite photos of Mosey and I together, on our final run down Highpoint and Scooter, after taking up the last chair of both the day and of the season. Every trip with this chick has been so fun and memorable.
Oh yes.