Monday, April 20, 2015

Ski trip humor

   OMG, who made Kansas so freaking wide and so freaking boring?!?! Mo is taking her turn at the wheel, so I'm taking the opportunity to capture some favorite quotes from the trip, as is our custom:

Jen, referring to having a tiny skid on Copper road, after miles & miles of super treacherous driving: DONT LET YOUR GUARD DOWN NOW, MOSEY!!!

Maureen & Jen: Pinot? I say Pi-yes!

Maureen on dating: At least you're not sitting at home waiting for the UPS man to show up. 
Jen: ...although if he's hot I will accept that package.

Maureen, remembering that she forgot to pack "something" on the last trip: there are NO PANTIES for sale in Breckenridge!

Playing Cards Against Humanity:
Maureen, having drawn an awful card: oh my god you guys, this is worse than @** cancer!!! (There were a lot more quotes from that game session, but most of them are not fit for print.)
Maureen, at Kemosabe sushi: can you imagine if we had one more roll coming? That would be like packing a musket!  ...a little revolutionary war sushi humor.
Maureen, referring to the Nets covering the base of the mountains along the highway: it's bad for business if a bunch of rocks are falling on people.

Maureen: the plot is thinening. 
(On discovering why her step-daughter wanted to stay with her--avoiding her mother because her book report wasn't finished)

And we passed a bumper sticker that said "STEEZY" so we looked it up. I think I might have to legally change my middle name.