Friday, April 24, 2015

5-star day

   Today was pretty epic. I started out with a 4 mile run around the neighborhood, enjoying the cool air. Then I went to my coaching program and bumped into yet another happy ex-Hallmarker, who used to work in IT.  Then I met with my career coach and got some great advice on my resume, portfolio, and next steps for my career exploration. That was followed by a fantastic conversation with a recruiter… we really connected, and it gave me a huge boost. Can't wait to see what might come up from our conversation!
   As I was wrapping up, I got an unexpected text from Ginny, who was in town for a meeting with a potential employer, and she had just arrived at my house! So I headed home and we went out for lunch. Not only was lunch delicious, but the server was, too. He invited me to go dancing, which could only lead to complete and utter humiliation... which sounds like a lot of fun. A welcome respite from the seriousness of thinking about the rest of my life and CPR study.
   By the time we got back to my house, I had another message from a different recruiter. I followed up with her, and she was also fantastic. She's going to talk about me with her group on Monday to see what opportunities they may have to offer... She mentioned a couple of companies that got me VERY excited. 
   Ginny and I worked on a project together. And then it was time for her to head home, and for me to pick up my supah adorable new specs! (Nike, what else? I even happened to be wearing a Nike shirt... Nerd!) 
   Then I ran out to the dive shop for our emergency first response/CPR instructor training. As of about an hour ago, I am now an EFR instructor! Just a few more weeks until I take my final scuba instructor exam and add that coveted certification to my credentials.
   Whew! Very busy day, packed with so much goodness, that I think I better get to sleep. We start training again bright and early tomorrow morning.