Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Lunch at Lulu's

   How I miss seeing my friends five days a week! We jailbreaked Gretchen from work today and forced her to have lunch with us. If only Amy had been along (and Jeff. And Claire. And Matt. And Rob. And...), it would have been just perfect. 
   Lulu's Thai restaurant has become my post-Hallmark hang out. Who's next? Let's go!
   Gretchen just sent me this photo; she said she still can't bring herself to take down the drawing I did to denote our offices, which were joined. My last name is Rarey, and hers is Finch. So it just made sense.
   This week I've heard about many people who have taken "voluntary retirement" from Hallmark, as well as some people who have just opted to leave on their own, without severance. I think it might be easier to summarize who will be left after all this. Made me all the more glad to have had a head start in this round, dreaming about my future and looking ahead. Abundant sunshine, indeed.