Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Watermelons and kangaroos

   I woke up dreaming of drawing this morning, so I went with it. (I also dreamed that I was walking in my neighborhood and passed a wild rabbit that was as large as a Rhodesian Ridgeback. I ignored that, though.) ;)
   I often get my ideas for cartoons based on funny, every day things. Yesterday when I was at my local grocery store, I saw a display of "personal watermelons." I couldn't stop giggling there in the produce aisle, and I couldn't help but draw this:
   And then I was thinking about a party I attended few weeks ago, when a woman named Lindsay was telling me all about an extended trip that she took to Australia a few years ago.
   Last but not least, my buddy Joni posted another photo of her wild Whitetail deer friends that visit her at her home every day. She was saying that the deer are entering their toughest season, because they absolutely hate the heat, and all the ticks and flies that annoy them. I told her that based on her description, I think I must be a deer.
   Time for me to get onto some real work – jobhunting! And then lunch with Gretchen and Charlie! I bet those two will have me drawing again this afternoon…
   Okay, maybe just one more. Chris L was joking with me about how the heck was I going to stay warm when I go diving in the Pacific ocean. So I drew this for her:
And Diane said that I'm a girl of silver linings, so...

   PS if anyone knows why all of a sudden all my photos are coming in tiny/low-res, please let me know! I'm not sure if it's a Blogger problem or a setting on my iPhone? Help!