Saturday, April 18, 2015

Riding high at Copper

   Nearly 20" of fresh powder dropped from when we arrived through noon Friday. In fact, I-70 was shut down shortly after we made it to Copper... Meaning virtually empty slopes all day. A big, sloppy, awesome mess out there... Steep and deep! 
   Vis was poor until lunchtime, and the riding was quite different than the groomers to which I'm accustomed. Like floating on a powdery cloud. A cloud that grabs your board and acts like quicksand if you aren't careful. My abs are going to be amazing after all this. ;)
   On our last day at Hallmark, 3/6, we were riding at Breck. And on our last day of employment, 4/17, we are here at Copper. How's that for a slice of fried gold???!!!
   Then we retired to the group's condo for some fancy Napa wine, a gourmet dinner prepared for us my Chef Kyle, and hilarity with Cards Against Humanity.
Steak with coffee & brown sugar rub. YUM.